Thursday, June 4, 2015

Anything is Possible (IMTX Post-Race)

I love this picture of our little family right after IMTX, because it truly tells a story. A long story that is summarized so well in the few words behind us: "IRONMAN. Anything is possible." Even training for an Ironman while supporting your husband's Ironman training, while being a mommy to the two cutest toddlers. Even going from runner-only to Ironman in just 30 weeks. Even going from no consistent running to Ironman in less than a year. Even pushing through issues and an injury in tough conditions during the race to meet your goal. Even doing all of the above while maintaining real-life balance and having fun! Don't EVER underestimate your ability to go after your dreams, no matter the circumstance. Anything is possible!

Matt was waiting for me across the finish line and gave me my first Ironman medal. Truly a priceless experience (written about here). Then I headed straight to the fence to greet my babies, parents, and brother Christian. We had the best personal cheerleaders and it made my day to have them there! My "catcher" took our group picture maybe 60 seconds after I'd crossed the finish line. So much happy!

Matt and I walked out of the finisher's chute and met up with my family in the Ironman Village. I signed up for a massage and grabbed a slice of pizza that I never ate. I was still nauseous (that lasted clear 'till Wednesday! I'm pretty sure I caught a bug in that lake) and couldn't stomach even the thought of food at that point, although I really wished for chocolate milk. Sometimes this Ironman business feels oddly like pregnancy. The joy, the nausea, the cravings... Haha! Lots of baby cuddles and a few pictures later, everyone took off for the cars while Christian waited with me for my all-too-short-but-still-great massage. It took for-ev-er for our entourage to be able to get through traffic and back to pick us up, so I just laid in the street with my uneaten pizza beside me and recapped all the funny parts of the day to my brother.

Back at the hotel, we showered and got dressed fairly quickly so we could turn around and head back for the Midnight Hour. I'm sure I'll go into that part of an Ironman later, because it is a beautiful display of humanity. We loved cheering everyone in to the finish line! That final hour is filled with so many inspirational stories, and those finishers are just amazing.

Last year, we got to bed at 2 a.m. after the midnight hour + Matt repacking his bike -- only to wake up at 4 a.m. to head to the airport for our 6 a.m. flight. It was like $100 cheaper per ticket than the later flights that day, but oh my, I can't believe we did that to Matt! Just crazy. This time, we scheduled our flight for 6 PM -- much, much better. We slept in until the babies woke us up at 8, with my 3-year-old excitedly requesting: "Everyone, let's go IRONMAN again!" Yes, Ironman is now a verb. :) We had a much more relaxing day this time, and around midnight that night, we were welcomed home to Utah by my family's decked out suburban. (I have the most supportive parents + siblings ever).

So many happy memories all around! We're still riding that Ironman high -- enough so that I'm considering putting myself on the startling line when Matt takes on a 140.6 again next year. We shall see! In the meantime, we have a 70.3 and a marathon (and that dang achilles injury) to attend to. A fun summer of training awaits!!!

BAM!!! Balanced Art Multisport -- best coaching and club out there.
We skyped Matt's parents in Africa on Sunday morning. They'd stayed up way late into their night tracking Matt's race! So sweet.
A pretty little thing.
It's a wrap! Pack it up.
Check out those hot compression socks. ;)


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  4. Saw your site on IG and followed through to your blog. Thanks for sharing your stories. Very inspiring to other runners like myself who is just starting to get into running. =)